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Better D.C. Schools Email Update 7

January 2003, Supplement:
Update to DCPS Capital Improvement Program

The following is a school-by-school update on the DCPS program to modernize or replace all of its public schools buildings. (Source: DCPS/Office of Facilities Management Monthly Report, January 28, 2003.)

School---Current Status---Estimated Project Completion
Anacostia HS---Education Specifications (90% complete)---TBD
Barnard ES---Construction (95% complete)---12/02
Bell/Lincoln HS/MS—--Construction (0% complete)--—8/05             
Birney ES---Design (40%); Construction planned for 7/03---12/04
Brightwood ES---Design (35%); Construction planned for 9/03---8/05
Cardozo HS---Education Specifications (90% complete)---TBD
Cleveland ES---Construction Phase 2 (22% complete)--—8/03
Cooke ES---Design (20% complete); Construction planned for 9/03---12/04
Deal JHS---Education Specifications (90% complete)---TBD
Hardy MS---Design (20% complete); Construction planned for 9/03—--1/05
Kelly Miller MS---Construction Phase 2(63% complete)---8/03
Key ES---Construction Phase 3(25% complete)---TBD
Kramer MS---Education Specifications (70% complete)---TBD
Luke C Moore HS---Design (99%); Construction planned for 3/03---8/04
MacFarland MS---Education Specifications (90% complete)---TBD
McKinley Tech HS---Construction Phase 2(80% complete)---7/04
Miner ES---Construction (97% complete)---12/02
Noyes ES---Construction Phase 2(20% complete)---11/03
Patterson ES---Construction Phase 2(14% complete)---12/03
Phelps HS---Feasibility study (99% complete)---TBD
Randle Highlands ES---Construction Phase 3(10%)---12/03
RH Terrell JHS---Education Specifications (95% complete)---TBD
Ross ES---Design (0% complete)---TBD
Slowe ES---Education Specifications (95% complete)---TBD
Smothers ES---Education Specifications (95% complete)---TBD
Sousa MS---Design (32% complete); Construction planned for 10/03---7/05
Thomas ES---Design (99% complete); Construction planned for 3/03---8/04
Thomson ES---Construction Phase 1 (98% complete)---7/04
Walker Jones ES---Design (50%); Construction planned for 7/03--12/04
Wheatley ES---Design (99%); Construction planned for 4/03---7/05
Woodson HS---Design (35%); Construction planned for 10/03---12/05

For more information, contact:

Jordan Spooner: (202) 745-3745 x 16